Fertigen Plus

Fertigen is a tablet to become the following effects in pregnant sows.

At farrowing

  1. protein from potatoes support the resistance system in the late pregnancy. Give piglets with more vitality
  2. concentrated yeast on dead brewers yeast procure the necessary nucleotides to support the resistance and improve the absorption capabilities of the gut. This results in a richer colostrum and reduction of mortality of piglets in the first 48 hours of live.
  3. Due to the presence of leaves of solanum glaucophylum (rich in vegetable calcitriol glycoside) there is a good absorption of calcium and magnesium from the feed by the sow. This promotes the casting time and ensures a richer colostrum that is produced more easily. Furthermore, these minerals stimulate the muscles of the uterine wall, which causes the piglets to float more easily. These factors greatly reduce the loss of piglets in the first 48 hours.
  4. Calciumpidolate as a source of calcium for better farrowing and maintaining healthy bones in the sow.
  5. Furthermore, the bolus is rich in antioxidants which promotes the general health of the sow and reduces the stress.

At heat

  1. auspicious and swift bronchus with good innervation in the womb
  2. limit interval weaning and insemination
  3. elevate the member of piglets by sows
Fertigen Plus