Know-how for domestic and foreign markets

Emma Nutrition stands for Electronical Milk Mother Application (Electronic Milk (Mother) ZeugMachine). We supply and develop complementary animal feed in all kinds of forms. Thanks to our know-how and the possibilities for making tablets, boluses and gels, we are active on both the domestic and foreign markets.

With our machinery we make boluses for cattle, pigs, sheep of different sizes, for both direct administration and dissolving in their drink. These boluses can be of the type that dissolve immediately in the stomach or delayed.

Exclusive importer of:


Purified and concentrated yeast on dried and killed brewer's yeast.


Egg powder, rich in immunoglobulins, serves as a plasma substitute in the feed of piglets and calves


A mixture of organosulfates extracted from garlic and onions, the antibacterial effects of garlicon is a good alternative to antibiotics in the feed. The mixture is more concentrated, more stable and more resistant to heat than similar garlic products.

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