Waterstock Basic

Waterstock is a granular, super absorbent product based on potassium polyacrylation. It has a high water absorption (500 times its own weight).

In concrete terms: 105 kg per hectare ensures a storage of 52,500 liter of water in the soil.

Hydrogel is a super absorbent product

Designed for underground use to improve water capacity and soil structure. It is characterized by high absorbency, more than 500 times its own weight. In contact with water, the product absorbs it and swells, forming 'gel crystals'.

Safe and neutral

Our hydrogel is safe for environment. Neutral to soil microorganisms, non-toxic for humans, animals and plants. It maintains its activity in ground for at least 5 years, and after around 10 years, it completely biodegrades.

Better soil structure

Hydrogel as an effect of water return to the plants, shrinks in size, creating hollow spaces in the ground, filled with air. Thanks to repeated increased and decrease in size it improves the structure of the ground, causing its aeration.

Stores and gives water back

The cycle of absorption and emission of water by hydrogel can be repeated tens of thousands of times. At times of water deficit in the ground, it gradually feeds the stored water to the plants.

Effectively flights with drought

It allows you to reduce water consumption during irrigation from 20% to 50% depending on the frequency of watering and the properties of the substrate or soil.

Effective fertilization

Usage of super absorbent gives you the opportunity to reduce the dosage of fertilizer by approximately 30% by keeping the nutrients within the root system.

What are the
benefits of

Reduction of fertilizer washout - reduction of fertilizer usage
Reduction of water related stress on seedlings during the cultivation setup
Reduced amount of water used for crops watering
Improved structure of heavy soils - firmness reduction and better aeration
Increased yield through stable water conditions, greater water availability for the root system
Improvement of moisture properties of soil and substrates used to fill pots
Stable water conditions for all plants
Equal water distribution in the ground

Vegetable growing


Lawn construction


Garden planting


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